Worm Gear Boxes

Worm Reduction gear units’ design principles comprises of efficient gear sizing, transmission ratios, Close-grained cast iron housing, Case hardened & profile grounded Worm shaft, Centrifugally casted Worm Wheel phosphor bronze ring (PB2) in welding construction with cast iron hub, high capacity taper roller bearings to take axial & Radial Loads, economic mass production, comprehensive maintenance of stocks, favourable delivery periods, easy servicing, low weight, compact design with higher efficiency. Additional attachments like Holdback, Motor Mounting Flange etc. can be provided.

Size Range

1.625” (41.28 mm) to 3.375 (85.75 mm) – Adaptable Gear units

3” (76.2 mm) to 14” (355.6 mm) – Foot Mounted Gear Units

Ratio Range

5:1 to 70:1 (In Single Reduction)

100:1 to 4900:1 (In Double Reduction)

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